In a nutshell.....

  • Identify trends to base your decisions on.
  • Network and form strategic partnerships.
  • Integrate innovations into your production processes.

Industrial manufacturing is facing huge challenges. With a wide variety of formats, the Intec and Z conference programme addresses these developments and offers interdisciplinary information and orientation for your daily business operations.

Trade meetings, conferences, workshops
Transfer of knowledge and innovations between researchers, industries and businesses
Special exhibitions and forums as a hotspot for new technologies
Additive processing – sensor technology – fuel cell production value chain
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Exhibitor forum
This will focus on your projects with immediate and practical advice on everyday operational issues
CONTACT -Business Meetings
Meetings at the event and B2B contacts ahead of the event arranged in cooperation with network partners in Saxony from the Enterprise European Network
Get-together for international businesses
In cooperation with the Saxony Economic Development Corporation and international project partners