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We are a company that produces metal, turned and milled parts. We can produce turned parts ranging from a diameter of 3 mm to a diameter of 70 mm, and milled parts up to 200 mm in width by 100 mm in height. We work different types of metallic materials, among which; brass, aluminum, stainless steel and iron materials Our machine park consists of 4 Citizen suiss turn systems up to 9 axes. 3 fixed-head index lathes, 3 Miyano lathes and 2 Mazak lathes, all equipped with return counter spindles as well as two motorized turrets. this allows us, in most cases, to finish the piece directly in the machine, without further reworking. we also have two CHIRON milling centers, both equipped with pallet changers. We are an ISO 9001 certified company We can provide certificates of the materials used, as well as dimensional reports at the customer's request. Our metric office is equipped not only with analog instruments, but also with digital and optical instruments, such as for example mitutoyo quick vision, roughness meter, mitutoyo roundness tester kertell microscope and others. Our machines are all networked. We therefore have the real-time situation of production, and we can therefore make a more efficient production planning. Thanks to a consolidated network of trusted and certified suppliers, we can provide the final customer with services such as heat or surface treatments; for example; hardening, grinding, anodizing, zinc plating, nickel plating We have customers, as well as in Italy, also in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, for a turnover of about 20 per cent of the total turnover. Our intent is to increase this percentage by introducing new customers outside our borders.




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