11 - 14 March 2025 Subcontracting fair Z

Exhibitor Press Releases

09/01/2023 Cold Jet Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment offers a more effective alternative cleaning solution to methods such as sand, soda, and abrasive blasting. Our dry ice blasting machines feature unparalleled technology and can be used in a variety of industries and applications. They help to save time and money. We offer a range of purchasing options for dry ice blasting equipment whether you're looking to lease, purchase new, or purchase used machines. Continue reading
05/01/2023 Meta-Vulk Meta-Vulk Trading Company Ltd was established in 1994 for exporting rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded items produced in Hungary. Continue reading
03/01/2023 ZAP Mechanika ZAP Mechanika is specialized in machining, testing and finishing metallic parts for high tech industries. Continue reading
03/01/2023 TEKNODAK PLASTIK KALIP SANAYI A.S. Accurate and on time cnc machining service Continue reading
03/01/2023 MONOGRAMMES INJECTES PLASTIQUE SAS Highlight your brand with MIP 3D logos Continue reading
03/01/2023 Gervasoni S.p.A. In the markets we serve, Gervasoni Group has the goal to merit the customer’s trust as a key supplier and to be the point of reference for technical solutions on manufacturability and production optimization of high precision mechanical components. Continue reading