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Highlight your brand with MIP 3D logos

MIP is a French family-owned company that produces high quality 3D logos since 1972 to highlight your brand. Our emblems are plastic injected (ABS, ASA or PMMA) and then decorated in order to meet your design requirements with different technologies : hot stamping, pad printing, screen printing, enameling, chrome plating, adhesive, fastening systems. We master and control the complete production chain, from the design of the parts (2D, 3D) to the internal conception of the tooling (machining, erosion, polishing) to manufacturing. Our products are suitable for small and medium size series. Our logos are often found in the automotive industry (cars, buses, trucks, recreational vehicles), in the nautical industry, on POS-displays and in the industry on general (air conditionner, coffee machines, road machine equipements..)




Logo (JPG, 403 kB)

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