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Meta-Vulk Trading Company Ltd was established in 1994 for exporting rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded items produced in Hungary.

We have a network of sub-contracting companies producing various items for us as per our orders. These support-companies have been selected by us according to their capability and capacity – they vary from a family size producer to a medium size one with 300 workers. The allotment of work is determined by the quantitiy, and difficulty of the product thus we can keep the overhead costs at optimal level. Meta-Vulk Kft, Hungary offers a vast variety of high quality technical rubber products incl. extruded sealing profiles: from vibration dampers to machine-feet, from cable lead-though to door stops, from pipe holders to truck bumpers. Automotive, household and heavy industry, building – and machine building industry, aerospace, military, naval, rail, road, mining industry use our products. Here are some of our valued customers to whom we delivery our products through our trading partners.

German Railways | Swiss Railways | Swiss Army | Finnish Army | French Navy | French space program | Airbus | Husqvarna | Electrolux | Philips | Mercedes | Volkswagen | BMW | Audi | Porsche | Daimler-Chyrsler USA | Danish wind-mill companies | Finnish and Swedish shipbuilding companies | West-Australian Open-Cast Mining

At present we export over 250.000 pcs of various vibration dampers and other rubber items every week all over the world – to practically whole Europe, the Middle-East, India, China, Singapore, South-Korea, Australia, North-America. We are not necessarily the cheapest company in Europe but the 25 years of our presence at the world market proves that our partners appreciate our services and we strive to be their reliable hinterland with maximum care, attantion, flexibility and extra short delivery time.




Introduction Meta Vulk (PDF, 685 kB)

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