11 - 14 March 2025 Subcontracting fair Z
03/01/2023 Z

ZAP Mechanika

ZAP Mechanika is specialized in machining, testing and finishing metallic parts for high tech industries.

ZAP-Mechanika offers CNC machining, heat treatment, galvanization, precision measurement, and metallographic examination services which we may apply to process iron and colour metal alloys. We are located in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland where we operate a 5.800 sqm. manufacturing plant where we employ over 180 workers. Moreover, ZAP-Mechanika owns state-of-the-art machine park with new and advanced technologies like 5-axis milling centers or two-chamber furnaces for vacuum carburizing. We would like to offer our services, and I am sure that it will bring mutual benefits. You may want to reach out to us if you need: - A reliable business partner that is next to your door, - Experienced cooperant for the manufacturing of a new product, - Supplier diversification that will make your company more resilient to lockdowns, - Competitive pricing, - High-class customer service.



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