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30/01/2023 Z

Precision Circular Grinding of High-Precision Special Parts

HiTeCH AG is a company that produces high-precision products for machine-tool production as well as mould and toolmaking. At Z 2023, the spotlight will be on the Swiss company's portfolio of services.

Each day, according to HiTeCH, the company manufactures custom-made special parts – especially long and slimline parts – on CNC machines fitted with its own components, inspired as always by the company motto: "Perfectionists in Precision." Capturing every detail of a drawing is very important to the company. To achieve this, it is constantly expanding and updating its state-of-the-art and highly accurate measuring systems, thus ensuring that the drawing specifications agreed upon with the customer are met.

Machining technology can be applied to all common tool steels, special grades and especially to carbides, ASP, ceramics and CPM. These can therefore all be processed by HiTeCH. Examples of the company's range of services include precision shafts, ground components with tolerances below 1 µm (< 0.0010 mm), long and slim grinding geometries, elliptical and polygonal geometries and thread grinding.

Photo: HiTeCH AG

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