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15/02/2023 Z

Cold Jet Presents the Future of Dry-Ice Cleaning

The global market leader in developing innovative, environmentally friendly dry-ice cleaning solutions and production systems will be at the subcontracting fair Z in Leipzig to showcase its products for surface preparation and its cleaning solutions.

Cleaning production equipment is one of the most critical production steps in terms of quality and cost. Cold Jet has several innovative dry-ice cleaning solutions in its portfolio to make that process more efficient. The PCS® 60 and i3 MicroClean 2 cleaning systems offer effective yet gentle, non-abrasive cleaning for delicate contours and fine cavities, as well as powerful cleaning for stubborn contaminants, the exhibitor says.

Dry-ice blasting typically uses dry ice in the form of blocks, discs, nuggets and pellets. Depending on the cleaning application, you can choose between a 3 mm dry-ice pellet-blasting system or Cold Jet scraping technology, which uses any form of dry ice. According to the company, the patented Cold Jet Particle Control SystemTM on its PCS® 60 accommodates particle sizes from 3 mm to 0.3 mm (and any size in between).

In addition, the company offers cleaning systems for remote monitoring and diagnostics. Cold Jet CONNECT® gives customers the opportunity to maintain and repair their cleaning system remotely and to have complete control over blasting times and material consumption. Documentation capabilities are included as well.

Photo: Cold Jet GmbH

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