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Bellows, blinds and slideway covers as long-lasting machine and dust protection
A product of: SCHIERITZ GMBH
SCHIERITZ GmbH supplies bellows and slideway covers as long-lasting machine and dust protection.

Due to the wide range of different materials, dimensions and designs, we can certainly offer you a solution for your very special application.

We would also to check the requirements for the installation of split bellows. Equipped with a zip or Velcro fastener, this version saves a lot of time during assembly and reduces downtime costs.

For small minimum lengths, we recommend sewn or vulcanized disk bellows.

If only one-sided protection is required on your machines, you can achieve a lot with a pleated blind and if the guideways are unprotected, then we recommend a slideway cover.

For high temperatures (e.g. flying sparks), appropriate flame-retardant materials are used.

Use the questionnaire on our homepage and we can make you an offer.


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