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MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste
MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste is a non-hazardous paste that effectively and permanently prevents seizing and allows the torque to be set precisely. MOLYKOTE® P-3700 is harmless to environment and health, has no hazard label and is absolutely free of calcium, magnesium and chromium. MOLYKOTE® P-3700 has an excellent heat resistance and works in an operating temperature range from -30 °C up to 900 °C. The constant functionality of MOLYKOTE® P-3700, lasting up to a decade, enables optimal maintenance even after long periods of operation at high temperatures and ensures less material consumption and waste. MOLYKOTE® P-3700 is the paste of the future for all demanding applications, especially for high-temperature applications such as turbines or turbochargers. Learn more: https://www.costenoble.de/schraubenpaste-p-3700-anti-seize-paste/


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